3. Sequencing and loops

To teach sequencing, we usually display a picture story and then ask kids to sequence the pictures to make sense of the story. Then we take it further and show them a simple algorithm, all jumbled up that they have usually either developed or implemented earlier. All they have to do is the sequence the correct order of events which makes them understand that the machines complete tasks in a certain order.

Another way of making kids understand sequencing is to give them Legos/blocks, show them a sequence, and ask them to repeat it. This activity is usually done in pairs of teacher/kid, parent/kid, or two kids, where they sit back to back and one of them tells what sequence the Legos/blocks should be and the other one constructs it. In the end, the kids are able to write the entire sequence. With the repetitions in the sequence, the next step is to develop their understanding of loops: instructions given in a much faster way which are easier to understand.

Concepts introduced

  • Sequencing
  • Loops

Age: 4-7


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