4. Command your robot

This activity brings great satisfaction to kids because they learn to develop their own code! Done by a pair of a programmer and a robot, the programmer gives instructions to the robot to move across the grid made on the floor using tape or chalk. We usually put different challenges; sometimes there are ‘LAVA regions’ to avoid, other times the robot has to reach the ‘spray zone’ or certain areas in the grid to receive a ‘mystery gift’, where the robot gets sprayed by a water gun (in summers) and gets thrown paper balls (in winters) or receive a mystery gift!

At the end, kids sit down and write all instructions down on a paper from START to END using simple commands (usually arrows). We also guide them to develop the whole code, writing all of it in advance, including loops, and give them some more interesting codes to develop.

Concepts introduced

  • Developing a code
  • Sequencing and loops

Age: 4-7


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