Why your child should learn to code at an early age?

Why your child should learn to code at an early age?

At the most basic level, coding involves giving instructions to a computer to make something happen. It is a primary method of communicating with a computer. And coding isn’t just for adults. For toddlers, preschoolers, and school kids, it is just as important. The more they learn when they are young, the better they are set up for success in the future! 

  • Reasons why every child should learn to code:

If you want to set your children up for academic success, teach them to code. Coding or programming not only helps improve their Mathematics and problem-solving skills but also teaches them valuable skills in life and eventually the workforce.

Besides helping to solve everyday problems, programming

  • promotes logical thinking by teaching children how to tackle complex problems after breaking them into smaller and easier ones
  • helps students’ creativity
  • develops perseverance and persistence
  • develops resilience by teaching them troubleshooting
  • improves child’s communication skills
  • develops structural thinking and problem-solving skills in them
  • gives satisfaction when they develop a code on their own

At The Tiny Learners, we have a goal to stimulate children’s minds starting as early as possible. Hence, we believe in introducing them to the concepts of robots, machines, and coding and teach them basic programming skills through our workshops, events, and distance learning programs.

Below are eight screen-free activities to introduce coding to kids that we conduct and can easily be done at home with limited support:

1. Making a puppet robot

During our journey with The Tiny Learners, we come across some activities that are absolutely loved by kids. Making a puppet robot is one of them! In our workshops and distance learning programs, every kid that has done it loved doing it, and wanted to do it again.

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2. Develop an algorithm

Algorithms are instructions given to a computer or a robot to complete a certain task. In this practical and fun activity, kids understand what algorithms are and how the computer follows human commands.

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3. Sequencing and loops

Kids love picture stories and kids love to play with Legos or blocks. Our activities on ‘sequencing and loops’ makes use of both of them. Through this simple yet entertaining activity, kids learn about two very important concepts in coding, i.e. sequencing and loops.

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4. Command your robot

This is our most popular activity to do outdoors on a nice summer day. But it can be easily done indoors as well. All you need is a tape or chalk to make a grid on the floor and a pair of parent/kid or kid/kid, where one person becomes a programmer who gives instructions and the other becomes a robot who follows instructions!

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5. Develop your own code

At The Tiny Learners, we love everything that kids love. And this includes cars, robots, action figures, and all their favorite toys. In this super fun activity, we use a set of cards, create a maze using kids’ favorite toys, and let them code their way out.

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6. Debugging

Debugging is another very important concept in programming. Simply put, it means to fix a potential problem. Kids can learn about debugging in a variety of fun ways. We usually give them a code that has some error in it, and kids are required to focus, identify the potential error, and fix it.

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7. Cause and Effect

Kids understand that a computer takes input when we click or tap, and then generates a response. When a computer detects that an event has occurred, it responds by doing ‘something’. So, IF you click, THEN the computer responds, it’s as simple as that! In this activity, we learn about conditional statements.

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8. Code your name

Another big hit at our events and one of the most entertaining activities for kids is to write their name in another language! We usually introduce binary code, Morse code, or develop our own language using colorful beads or stones to make kids understand how programming languages work at the basic level.

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You can order the activity box for any individual activity on “robotics and coding” for Rs. 500 only. It includes:

  1. Material to use in the activity
  2. Differentiated set of worksheets
  3. Sets of instructions for parents to follow


You can order a complete “activity box for robotics and coding” at a discounted price. It includes:

  1. 8 activities. To read details, go to this link
  2. Material to use in the activities
  3. Differentiated set of worksheets (from beginner level to medium to advanced, and mandatory to optional)
  4. Sets of instructions for parents to follow
  5. One online session with parents

Cost: Rs.4000 Rs. 3000 only for a limited time along with free delivery across Lahore

* Standard delivery charges apply for other cities

To order, contact us at +923427688770

Watch some highlights of our workshop here!


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